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The Elms Hotel at Night
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A Haunted Missouri Hotel

Stay at our haunted hotel in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. The Elms Hotel & Spa has been said to be host to several spirits over the years, the origin of which has been the center of many a spirited discussion. Our spirits are so famous that we were featured on an episode of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters in July 2013. You can see the promo trailer for the episode below.

Our Haunted History

Two devastating fires destroyed The Elms in 1898 and 1910. Though no fatalities ever occurred in either fire, rumors have persisted that one of the spirits was involved in one of the fires.

Some of the ghost legends purport that the lap pool area entertains the spirit of a gambler involved with illegal activities during the speakeasy days of Prohibition. Another story says the housekeeping staff has a spiritual adviser in the form of a ghost wearing a 1920s-style uniform.

One thing everyone seems to agree on is the friendliness of the spirits. These gracious ghosts may act as spiritual guides to the next adventures that await the grand hotel.

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