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The Grotto at the Elms Hotel
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The Grotto at Our Excelsior Springs Hotel

In ancient Rome, Roman baths consisted of a series of rooms offering cold, warm and hot baths, as well as steamy and dry rooms, all designed to offer restoration and repose.The Grotto at The Elms Hotel & Spa is our modern take on a traditional Roman bath, featuring a collection of soothing chambers in which to relax and rejuvenate in richly appointed surroundings. Like those who, for the last century and a quarter, made the pilgrimage to Excelsior Springs for the curative effects of the area's mineral waters, you can unwind and revive, but in the modern comfort of The Elms' Grotto.

The Grotto Experience

  • Dry sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Hot tub
  • Cold plunge shower
  • Steam shower
  • Exfoliation bar

The Exfoliation Bar

A special feature of The Grotto is our self-service exfoliation bar, where you can apply our custom blend of sea salts, herbs and essential oils to exfoliate, soften and smooth skin while increasing circulation.

Please note – During high volume times in the spa, day use Grotto passes may not be available for purchase.  

Age Requirements – Spa services and use of the grotto is reserved for guests 18 years of age and over.